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CBUS OZ FUNDS Investor Overview Webinar

During this one-hour webinar hosted by CBUS OZ FUNDS, we cover the following topics:

  1. How the State of Ohio OZ Tax Credit adds 10% bonus to any investment into an Ohio OZ Fund.

  2. How you can purchase or sell an Ohio OZ Tax Credit.

  3. Federal & State Opportunity Zone Incentives.

  4. Projected Returns for CBUS OZ Fund III.

  5. Why Columbus is an excellent investment location (Growth, Housing Demand, Resiliency).

  6. Current Market Conditions (Nationally and Locally).

  7. Management Team behind CBUS OZ FUNDS.

  8. Investment Strategy.

  9. Examples of Completed Projects.

  10. CBUS OZ Fund III Overview.

  11. Question & Answer Session.

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