Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund specializing in urban redevelopment in Columbus Ohio.  The fund has a long term focus on delivering value to our investors while improving communities by providing desirable and affordable housing solutions throughout the urban core of Columbus.

An investment in our OZ fund offers the following incentives:

  1. Eligibility for a State of Ohio Income Tax Credit in an amount equal to 10% of your investment into our fund (a Qualified Ohio OZ Fund). The tax credit can be sold for quick cash to juice your ROI or otherwise used to offset any State of Ohio tax liability for up to five years.  

  2. Defer the tax on a current capital gain until tax year 2026 (payable in 2027).

  3. Receive a 10% discount on your current capital gain tax once it becomes due in tax year 2026.

  4. Grow and exit your investment tax free if held for 10 years or longer.

  5. Receive pass through depreciation from the OZ fund investment, which can offset other taxable income.

  6. With a preferred return of 8% and target total return of 12% compounded annually, the upside potential is a tax-free 3X return over 10 years.  

  7. Grow your wealth while helping propel positive change in Columbus neighborhoods!



Principles and brothers Sean, Chris and Brian Knoppe own and operate New City Homes in Columbus Ohio.  With decades of real estate renovation and home building experience, the principles of Cbus OZ Funds are distinguished operators who continually identify investment opportunities and execute on redevelopment plans to benefit investors and the surrounding communities.



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