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President Chris Knoppe to speak at the National Real Estate Strategies Summit sponsored OREIA

In the video clip below, Vena Jones Cox, the Executive Director of COREE (Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs), announces that Chris Knoppe of CBUS OZ FUNDS will present at the upcoming National Real Estate Strategies Summit sponsored by OREIA (Ohio Real Estate Investors Association).

The annual event is held in Ohio each year and brings together hundreds of real estate investors from the state, region, and across the country to learn and share ideas about real estate investment strategies that work today. CBUS OZ FUNDS will have an information booth at the 4-day event, and Chris will speak about investing in Opportunity Zone funds. Here is the description of Chris’s presentation from the event’s website:

You’ve heard of “Opportunity Zones”, and the powerful tax incentives that come with investing in them, right? Chris Knoppe hasn’t just heard of them: he created an “Opportunity Zone Fund” almost as soon as the strategy was announced, which means he now has years of experience investing in, and helping others invest in, these areas. He’s here to share:

  • Why getting these tax benefits and returns isn’t as easy as “buy a house in an Opportunity Zone”—something that many investors have discovered only after it was too late.

  • His favorite market for achieving good returns, and the driving reasons behind it.

  • How you can passively invest in Opportunity Zones, and know that your money isn’t just working for you: it’s creating attainable housing solutions and improving neighborhoods in dramatic and meaningful ways.

The event will be held from Thursday November 3rd through Sunday November 6th at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. For more information, visit the website for the National Real Estate Strategies Summit sponsored OREIA (Ohio Real Estate Investors Association).

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