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Pros & Cons of Opportunity Zone Investing

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

We'd like to thank all of the people who tuned in for our webinar with COREE and Cincinnati REIA on June 4th! The two largest real estate investor groups in Columbus and Cincinnati asked us to discuss the Pros & Cons of Opportunity Zone Investing at an online meeting in early June that drew 300 attendees.

You can watch the live recording of our webinar presentation below and also be sure to click the links to learn more about “THE BEST MOST AWESOMEST REAL ESTATE INVESTOR GROUPS IN THE COUNTRY”!

Live Recording of the June 4th webinar, ‘Pros & Cons of OZ Investing’

Columbus Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE):

Cincinnati REIA (Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati):

Follow all of our events and updates by following us:

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