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'Ohio approves bill to boost the state’s Opportunity Zone credits' Article Feature

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

The State of Ohio strongly supports OZ investment! Read about the state’s recent efforts to further boost OZ investment by expanding the Ohio OZ Tax Credit program in this new article by Opportunity Zone Magazine, which features commentary from our very own Chris Knoppe.

Chris Knoppe, president of Columbus-based Cbus OZ Funds, said SB 225 would “further incentivize investment into Ohio Opportunity Zones and fuel development, and re-development, in the areas of the state that have been most starved for investment capital.”

Knoppe also noted that SB 225 adds flexibility to the tax credits through allowing the transfer of partial tax credit certificates. It also allows for the certificates to be sold more than once.

“This will increase the liquidity of the tax credits and ultimately increase their value,” Knoppe said.

Read the full-length article below on

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