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Structuring an OZ Investment - 2020 Opportunity Zone Expo

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We were happy to share our company's expertise and history during the latest Opportunity Zone Expo, which happened virtually on Nov. 12 - Nov. 13. CBUS OZ Funds Partner, Chris Knoppe, was a panelist and spoke about CBUS OZ Funds, our investing background and strategy, various tax incentives, how things are structured and investment trends in the post-COVID economy. Check out some of the best highlights from this year's Opportunity Zone Expo. We'd like to thank and give credit to the Virtual Opportunity Zone Expo by

In this short video, Chris describes why CBUS OZ FUNDS is different from other OZ funds, his investing background, the fund's investment strategy, the social & economic impact it creates, and Ohio's enticing state incentives to promote OZ investment.

And here, Chris discusses how he selects projects for CBUS OZ FUNDS that fit the significant improvement threshold and investment timeline requirements called for in the OZ regulations.

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