Updated: Sep 14, 2020

New City Homes, an affiliate of CBUS OZ Funds, was recently featured in an exclusive article for Columbus Underground for our 5-home streetscape happening in Milo-Grogan! We've completed two homes so far elsewhere in the neighborhood and plan to develop the remaining lots incrementally over the next two years or so. Half of the parcels that we own were purchased from the Columbus Land Bank, which allowed us to offer the initial houses at a lower price than otherwise possible for new construction.

Not to mention, we also added the 15-year tax abatement that was put in place for Milo-Grogan in 2017, which will help to lower costs for the homeowners. Check out the sketchings below!

Our inaugural COZI Lunch Club was a success! During our first event, we will discussed an overview of the Opportunity Zone investment incentives, OZ census tract maps, investment requirements, applicable timelines, community impact, and how investors can get involved. The focus of the event was to network and learn more about opportunity zones in Columbus and how people can begin to make an investment. Thank you to all who took the time to join us and we look forward to the next COZI lunch meetup!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Chris Knoppe, CBUS OZ FUNDS President, was recently featured in a Biz Journals article that addressed how taxpayers saved $240 million from taxation by investing in Ohio opportunity zones in 2019. Below is the excerpt from the article highlighting his insights on Opportunity Zone investing and how CBUZ OZ FUNDS is making its mark on Columbus Opportunity Zone investing.

"... Chris Knoppe, CBUS OZ FUNDS President, is raising a $5.1 million fund to acquire and renovate residential properties within Columbus’ urban neighborhoods.

'The opportunity zone tax incentives enable us to restore vacant and blighted residential properties back into productive use, thereby increasing the housing options available to residents, eliminating havens of crime, and preserving, rather than replacing, the vibrancy of our urban neighborhoods,' Knoppe said."

Read Biz Journal's full-length article here: